Courtnay Low & The Unholy Reverie

New swamp blues

Step into the depths of the unknown and immerse yourself in the intoxicating sounds of Courtnay & The Unholy Reverie, a brand new swamp blues/rock fusion band on a mission to redefine the genre. 
Born from the depths of inspiration and fuelled by a love for the blues, this group of talented musicians brings a fresh and modern twist to the traditional delta/swamp blues genres. 

Hailing from diverse musical backgrounds, Courtnay & The Unholy Reverie infuse their music with a plethora of influences, ranging from soulful folk to gritty rock 'n' roll. 
Led by a powerhouse vocalist, their lyrics delve into stories of heartache, resilience, and the raw emotions that define the human experience.

Their instrumentation is a tantalising blend of traditional blues instruments and contemporary elements.
Captivating guitar riffs resonate like the call of the wild, while their vocals weep and howl with an otherworldly allure. Supported by a rhythm section that grooves with infectious energy, their sound is a mesmerising tapestry of old and new.

Steeped in the mystique of genre bending swamp vibes, Courtnay & The Unholy Reverie bring their performances to life with a captivating stage presence and unwavering connection to the audience. 
Every show is a journey into the heart of the musical experience, a place where magic meets reality, and where the music resonates deep within your soul.

As they carve their own path in the blues world, Courtnay & The Unholy Reverie invite music lovers of all backgrounds to join them on this exciting musical adventure. 
With each note they play, they transcend boundaries and create a community where everyone can find solace, joy, and an escape from the ordinary.

So, let Courtnay & The Unholy Reverie lead you on a soul-stirring voyage through the heartland of the blues, where the waters run deep, stories unfold, and the music keeps you moving. 
Unforgettable and electric, their swamp blues magic will leave you hungry for more and eager to witness the rise of this exceptional new band. Get ready to groove and discover a world of blues like never before.